A word of welcome

Van Loenen

Team leader Industrial Engineering & Management
Saxion University of Applied Sciences
The Netherlands

Dear participant,

We often hear that the world is getting smaller and smaller when we talk about international relations of businesses. More and more we see that not only individual businesses, but entire economies are interconnected both on a global scale as well as on the scale of our European continent. This Saxion-ISEP project, offered between companies in the Netherlands and Portugal is a good example of just that: More and more companies from the two countries work with each other. We are very glad that the company Borgwarner offered such a nice assignment in 2019 for students of Saxion and ISEP, related to global supply chain networks. Participating in this project will bring you not only knowledge and skills in solving complex business problems, but also more soft skills such as cooperation and intercultural competences.
Still, even though many nice words about the goals of the assignment can be said, there is a practical side as well: This assignment will require a lot of creativity, perseverance and hard work from you as participants, to bring it to a good end, so that the company will get a useful and solid advice on what to do and how to move forward. Therefore, on behalf of Saxion, I wish you all a lot of success in working on this challenging project!

September 2019