Cooperation with businesses

The Saxion-ISEP Student Business project aims to help companies that have a relation with either Portugal or the Netherlands (highly preferably with both countries) with improving their business processes. The project team is always on the lookout for new assignments for students from companies.

What we offer

A group of students/young professionals who are looking to increase their knowledge and skills in the areas where technology and business meet are eager to start working: They help companies to collect and analyze information that will lead to improvements in business processes. The actual topics that are being dealt with are varied and often multidisciplinary. Since there is a mixed group of students from both The Netherlands and Portugal working on the assignments, there are always different angles as to which the assignments are being tackled, likely leading to new creative insights in/solutions for business challenges.

What we ask

Since the Saxion-ISEP student business project is part of the educational program, we can offer participation for companies in this project - in principle - free of charge. What we do ask is a bit of time of people from companies that we work with: To introduce the project/problem statement (either in person face-to-face, or on-line), to answer questions that student groups might have and to listen and comment on their presentations.

Interested in working with us?

If you would like to have detailed information, have questions for us as organizational committee or would like to work to us: please write us an email at, or go to the contact page on this website. Please also look at the issues below to see some examples of types of projects that we have helped other companies with. Please do not hesitate to contact us, our student teams offer support and/or new ideas with a wide range of business process related topics!

Examples of past assignments

Bosch, like many other industrial companies, has been working on circular economy issues. Bosch is developing new ideas about reducing waste and increase different forms of recycling of products and materials. Our student groups have helped Bosch with generating new ideas about how to organize the necessary reverse supply chain, in order to make circular economy work. We also helped the company Borgwarner with a life cycle analysis of their products.

Bosch in Deventer

Circular Economy options, according to the Ellen McArthur Foundation

Reverse supply chain according to Putnam

Testimonial from Borgwarner company about participating in the Saxion-ISEP project